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High-performance DDR4 SODIMM Memory for 6th Gen Intel Core Platform Systems

If you’re looking for high-performance, dependable overclocking memory for your mobile workhorse, look no further than the Corsair Vengeance Performance DDR4 SODIMM memory. The DDR4 SODIMM memory is designed for high performance and reliability on 6th generation Intel Core systems, with ICs specially selected for performance potential. Thanks its auto-overclocking capability, no BIOS configuration is required to take advantage of the higher speed – just plug it in and go.


The Corsair Vengeance Series DDR4 SODIMM memory is optimized for high performance on 6th generation Intel core platform systems.

Built for Ultra Reliability

Each memory module is built with specially selected ICs to guarantee maximum performance and reliability.

Automatic Overclocking for Automatic Maximum Performance

Most notebook and laptop PCs will automatically select the maximum reliable overclocking settings for the best possible performance and 100% stability. In most cases, no manual configuration is necessary. Upgrading to Vengeance Series DRAM is a great way to give your system an instant speed boost.

More Power Efficient

Requiring only 1.2V, the Corsair Vengeance Series DDR4 SODIMM memory reduces power consumption and at the same time, lowers heat output that helps your systems run cooler, more stable, and more efficient.