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HP EX950 M.2 SSD

An eSports favorite

All demanding applications such as audio/video editing, overclocking and eSports gaming are a piece of cake for the HP EX950 M.2 solid-state drive. This is the result of excellence in both sequential and random read/write speeds. From components to technologies, it only uses the best. It will make a huge difference in response when it comes to data access and retrieval.

HP EX950 M.2 SSD Coming Up to the Left, with Graphic Text Boxes Below That Read: 3500MB/s Max Read, 410K IOPS Max Random Read, NVMe1.3 New Protocol and PCIe Gen 3 x4 Five-Year Warranty

High-performance and unlimited fluency

The HP EX950 M.2 is an HP SSD intended for eSports that adopts the NVMe 1.3 new-generation data-transfer protocol and supports PCIe Gen3 (8Gb/s) x4 channels of data transmission. With read and write speeds reaching up to 3,500MB/s and 2,900MB/s respectively, it's a good choice for performance improvement of high-end motherboards, gaming laptops and Ultrabooks, etc.

HP EX950 SSD Angled to the Right with Graphics and Text Indicating: 3500MB/s Max Sequential Read* 2900MB/s Max Sequential Write, *The speed above comes from HP LABS based on test data of EX950 2TB. Results may vary due to different system or hardware configurations.

An eSports SSD born to game

The HP EX950 M.2 SSD is suitable for mainstream eSports motherboards and is great for upgrading gaming laptops and improving the performance of games by accelerating game startup, map loading and scene changes.

HP EX950 SSD in a Graphic of Flaming Floating Rocks, Along with Text Graphics That Read: GAMERS, DIYers, overclocking masters, audio and video editors.

The HP PCIe master controller is powerful and stable

HP EX950 M.2 solid-state drives are furnished with a high-performance master controller of the HP 8 flash memory channel and with 3D-NAND flash memory. This controller also supports PCIe Gen3 (8Gb/s) x4 interfaces and the new version of the NVMe 1.3 standard. All this gives the EX950 an excellent high-speed read-write performance.

HP EX950 Going Down to the Right, with a Blue Graphical Overlay and Text Graphic Boxes That Indicate: 8 flash memory channel and 3D NAND flash memory

Low power consumption and long standby time

The HP EX950 M.2's battery management helps prevent overheating while ensuring convenient and fast performance experiences.

HP EX950 SSD Angled Up to the Right, Coming Down to the Left with Graphics of Red and Blue Electricity

Mass storage and good compatibility

With a capacity reaching up to 2TB, the EX950 can store plenty of media files and games that support drive self-tests (DSTs).

HP EX950 SSD Coming Forward Towards the Viewer Along with Graphic Text Boxes That Indicate: 2TB Maximum Capacity and DST Self Test

Five-year warranty and reliable quality

In accordance with HP's high standards, each SSD must undergo rigorous testing before delivery to ensure top product quality.

HP EX950 SSD Facing Up to the Left Next to a 5-Year Warranty Badge