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Team Laptop Memory
Team Laptop Memory

Fully Compliant With JEDEC Standards

TEAMGROUP ELITE SO-DIMM memory module is compliant with JEDEC international standards and the operating voltage is only 1.2v, which saves a lot of power consumption. It reduces the heat generated by the product itself and also maintains the ambient temperature around the system.

Team Laptop Memory

Outstanding performance, Stability and Compatibility

100% compatible with all major laptops on the market. High quality IC are selected for the outstanding performance, stability and compatibility, making it the best choice for laptop users to expand their capacity.

Team Laptop Memory


Module Type 260 PIN SO-DIMM
Dram Configuration 512x8, 1024x8, 2048x8
Capacity 4GB / 4GBx2 / 8GB / 8GBx2 / 16GB / 16GBx2 / 32GB / 32GBx2
Frequency 2133MHz 2400MHz 2666MHz 3200MHz
Data Transfer Bandwidth 17,064 MB/s (PC4 17000) 19,200 MB/s (PC4 19200) 21,328 MB/s (PC4 21300) 25,600 MB/s (PC4 25600)
Latency CL15-15-15-36 CL16-16-16-39 CL19-19-19-43 CL22-22-22-52
Voltage 1.2V

* We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.

Team Laptop Memory