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 C221 USB Drive

Keep all your documents safe

USB Drive | C221

 C221 USB Drive

Total protection from water, dust, and shock

The C221 flash drive uses a COB (Chip on Board) packaging technology that protects your documents and reports from dust, water, and shock.

 C221 USB Drive

Ergonomic design for plug and pull

The C221 flash drive has an ergonomic arc that is designed to fit your thumbs perfectly, allowing users to plug and pull the flash drive even given limited spaces, such as on laptops, making it easy and convenient.

 C221 USB Drive

Main Feature

  • Simply plug and use
  • Total protection from water proodustdust,and shock
  • Ergonomic design for plug and pull
  • Lifetime warranty & free tech support
 C221 USB Drive

Simply plug and use

The C221 flash drive has a cap-free design for simple plug and use and a lanyard hole that makes it perfect on the go.

 C221 USB Drive


Interface USB2.0
Capacity 8GB / 16GB[1] 32GB / 64GB[1]
Color Cocoa Blue
Voltage DC+5V
Weight 3g
Dimensions 41(L)×17.5(W)×7.5(H) mm
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux 2.6.33 or later
Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Ordering Information

Color Capacity Team P/N
Cocoa 8GB TC2218GN01
16GB TC22116GN01
Blue 32GB TC22132GL01
64GB TC22164GL01

[1] Part of the capacity Of FLASH storage products will be used for formatting or other functions, and the displayed capacity in the operating system will be less than the actual storage capacity due to unit conversion. It is recommended to calculate the actual storage capacity based on this equation: total bytes/1024/1024/1024.


We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.

 C221 USB Drive