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DiskStation DS620slim
DiskStation DS620slim

DiskStation® DS620slim

Secure digital content with a modern look

When performance meets style

DS620slim is a mini 6-bay NAS with a stylish chassis design, perfectly blending in modern workplaces or apartments. Supporting near-instantaneous snapshot technology, DS620slim is an all-around file management solution that fulfills professionals’ needs of advanced data protection.


Dual-core 2GHz burst up to 2.5GHz


DDR3L 2GB, up to 6GB

Encryption Performance

Over 226 MB/s reading and 198 MB/s writing

Remain classic while shrinking footprint

The mini 6-bay design keeps DS620slim classic and saves deployment space. With six 2.5" drive support, DS620slim is able to boost performance by installing SSDs.

DiskStation DS620slim

Compact Design

Mini design with the dimensions of 121 x 151 x 175 mm, flexible to fit in anywhere

DiskStation DS620slim

RAID Flexibility

Flexible in a variety of RAID configurations to realize maximum 30TB raw capacity or better data protection with RAID 5/6/10

DiskStation DS620slim

SSD Cache Support

Further enhance storage performance with SSD read/write cache while still having abundant drive bays for data storage

Btrfs: Next generation storage efficiency

The Btrfs file system introduces cutting-edge storage technologies and optimized snapshots to prevent data corruption and reduce maintenance overhead. While ensuring high-level data integrity, it also offers flexible, efficient data protection and recovery tools.

AG274QG Gaming Monitors
AG274QG Gaming Monitors

Flexible Shared Folder/User Quota System provides comprehensive quota control on all user accounts and shared folders

AG274QG Gaming Monitors

Snapshot Replication provides schedulable and storage capacity-saving data protection with 1,024 shared folder backups and 65,000 system-wide snapshots

AG274QG Gaming Monitors

File or folder level data restoration makes data recovery fast and flexible

AG274QG Gaming Monitors

Automatic file self-healing detects and recovers corrupted files without user intervention

DiskStation DS620slim

Ultimate file management and sharing

File Station is a web-based, fast and secure management tool built to allow easy, drag-and-drop operations without requiring any complex setup on Mac or PC. Advanced search and filtering tools allow for easy organization and file sharing. For complete compatibility, DS620slim supports the following protocols: AFP, FTP, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, and WebDAV.

DiskStation DS620slim
DiskStation DS620slim

Access and sync your files seamlessly

Synology Drive provides a built-in universal portal to access your data anytime and anywhere, and synchronize all your files across platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

  • Sync files on demand: Save the storage space and network bandwidth of your PC.
  • Go back in time: Easily retrieve previous versions of your shared files.
  • Back up your data: Protect your files as scheduled or in real-time.
DiskStation DS620slim

Stream content to your TV

Turn your Synology NAS into a home media hub and stream your digital contents to computers, mobile devices, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and DLNA devices.

Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager

DiskStation DS620slim

File Server/Management

Powerful built-in file management and sharing services.

DiskStation DS620slim

Snapshot Replication

Schedulable and instantaneous data protection for shared folders and iSCSI LUNs for disaster prevention.

DiskStation DS620slim


Complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback.

DiskStation DS620slim


Award-winning operating system with an intuitive user interface and powerful capabilities.

DiskStation DS620slim


Secure data with comprehensive built-in security tools to protect your devices against evolving threats.

DiskStation DS620slim

Public Cloud Integration

Back up and synchronize data easily between public cloud accounts and your NAS.

DiskStation® DS620slim

DiskStation DS620slim
DiskStation DS620slim

1 Status indicator

2 Alert indicator

3 Power button

4 LAN indicator

5 Drive status indicator

6 Drive tray

7 System fan

8 Power port

9 1GbE RJ-45 port

10 Kensington Security Slot

11 USB 3.0 port

12 Reset button