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DiskStation DS120j Diskless System Network Storage

DiskStation DS120j

Your personal cloud solution for effortless data management

Easy to use, the Synology 1-bay DS120j is an ideal first NAS for everyone. It keeps your family photos, videos, and other personal files at a centralized place, letting all household devices instantly access them whenever they want via computers of different operating system or mobile apps. It can also be used to sync all cloud storage services and allows for easy data backup. Built-in security system will shield your data from cyber attacks.

Seamless integration with your mobile devices

Synology mobile applications are designed to allow quick and secure access to your data wherever you are.

DS Audio screenshot

DS Audio

DS Photo screenshot

DS Photo

DS Video screenshot

DS Video

Centralized backup solution for your digital devices

Centralized backup solution for your digital devices

Synology's comprehensive multi-version backup solution protects your digital assets on computers (Windows/Mac) and mobile phones (Android/iOS) against malicious attacks, including the rising encryption-based ransomware threats.

a screenshot for QuickConnect

Easy file access with QuickConnect

Access files on your Synology NAS over the Internet without the hassle of setting up port forwarding rules, DDNS, or other complicated network settings. QuickConnect allows you to connect via a secure, customizable address, so that you can instantly access media and work files on any Internet-connected device with no additional charge.

Powered by Synology DSM

a icon for file management

File Server/Management

Powerful built-in file management and sharing services.

a icon for Multimedia


Complete multimedia solution for management, streaming, and playback.

a icon for backup

Hyper Backup

Store multiple backup versions with block-level incremental data backup and cross-version deduplication.

a icon for DSM UI


Award-winning operating system with an intuitive user interface and powerful capabilities.

a icon for Security


Comprehensive built-in security tools are constantly updated to protect your devices against evolving threats.

a icon for All-in-one server

All-in-one server

Save additional investment by integrating various network services, web/mail services, and management applications into your NAS.

front ports of Synology DS120j
  • 1. Status indicator
  • 2. LAN indicator
  • 3. Drive status indicator
  • 4. Power button and indicator
rear ports of Synology DS120j
  • 5. Fan
  • 6. USB 2.0 port
  • 7. Kensington Security Slot
  • 8. Reset button
  • 9. 1GbE RJ-45 port
  • 10. Power port