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Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300

3.5" SATA HDD HAT5300

High-performance, reliable hard drives for Synology systems

Enterprise storage drives for Synology systems

Synology HAT5300 HDD offers class-leading performance thanks to tight integration with DSM and Synology hardware. With over 300,000 hours of in-house validation testing, the HAT5300 series brings unmatched reliability to Synology deployments.

Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300


Up to 274 MB/s sustained data transfer.

Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300


Up to 23% faster sequential read in Synology NAS.

Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300


Purpose-built for Synology servers running 24/7.

Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300


Automatic firmware updates with DSM.

Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300

Consistent performance scaling

Through testing and optimizations, HAT5300 series HDD has been tuned to deliver up to 23% higher sustained sequential read performance in demanding multi-user environments.

Built for peak performance

Synology Internal Hard Drive-HAT5300

Rigorous validation

Over 300,000 hours of stress testing with Synology devices ensure that HAT5300 drives can withstand even the most demanding enterprise environments and deliver highly reliable performance.

Effortless firmware updates

Automatic firmware updates through DSM mean that HAT5300 drives always benefit from the latest enhancements.

Durability for 24/7 environments

HAT5300 series HDD is backed by a 2.5 million hour MTTF rating, workload support of 550 TB per year, and persistent write cache technology to minimize data corruption in the event of sudden power loss.