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Hero image of DiskStation DS224+
Keep your data on-site
Consolidate and safeguard
Consolidate and safeguard

Protect all your data with integrated security features and centralized access.

Manage important data
Manage important data

Share, back up, and access files, photos, surveillance video, and more.

Minimize energy impact
Minimize energy impact

15 watts under full operation keeps operating costs low.

Simply faster

DS224+ is faster at indexing files in Synology Drive and Synology Photos and more capable of running demanding web applications compared to previous-generation systems.

Web applications


more responses per second

Synology Drive


faster file indexing

Synology Photos


faster image indexing

Store, share, and protect

Manage all your documents, images, and other files, back up applications and devices, and protect your property with professional video surveillance.

Btrfs: advanced file system for data protection

The Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system that powers the DS224+ uses the advanced Btrfs file system, which safeguards your data against corruption and allows for the reversal of unintended or malicious changes through the use of snapshot technology.

File recovery
Front and rear ports info