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EVGA Gaming Keyboard
EVGA Gaming Keyboard

4K Hz report rate

Z15 Keyboard is powered by a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor, to support a 4K Hz report rate.
The most advanced gaming keyboard experience, delivering your inputs up to 4x faster with 4K Hz report Rate.


Dedicated volume wheel and media keys give you full control at your fingertips.

EVGA Gaming Keyboard


The EVGA Z15 keyboard brilliantly outshines the competion with fully-customizable *Per-Key* RGB LEDs. The Z15 LED backlighting can be configured via the EVGA UNLEASH RGB software, and multiple lighting effects can be instantly dimmed or brightened via the LED brightness function combination keys.

EVGA Gaming Keyboard


EVGA Gaming Keyboard EVGA Gaming Keyboard

User-Swappable Switches: Hot swap sockets allow you to customize the feel of your Z15 RGB keyboard with Kailh's 3pin mechanical swiches.

EVGA Gaming Keyboard

The Z15 RGB keyboard features your choice of Kailh Speed Silver Linear or Kailh Speed Bronze Clicky mechanical switches to ensure that you get exactly the type of feedback and experience you want.

EVGA Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Switch. Clicky

Switch Color: Bronze
Switch Type: Clicky
Travel: 3.5 mm
Actuation: 1.1 mm
Actuation Force: 50 g
Operating Life: 70 M
Key Debounce Time: 5 ms


EVGA Gaming Keyboard


Kailh Mechanical Speed Switches
Durability: 70 million keypresses
5ms debouncing time
Total travel distance: 3.5 mm
Actuation distance: 1.1 mm
Actuation force: 50 g


Hot Swap Key Switch Design
3 Types Swappable Key Switch (Speed Linear & Clicky & Tactile)
Connection Type: USB 2.0
RGB Lighting: per key
4 Indicator LED

  • Width: 5.94 in / 151mm
  • Length: 17.52 in / 445 mm
  • Height: 1.48 in / 37.5 mm
  • Weight: 2.27 lbs / 1.03 kg
Cable Length: 2 m

Micro Processor

Keyboard Report Rate: 4K Hz (0.25 ms)
32-bit ARM Cortex-M33 Core