Multimedia Projector
There are special icons for Android Miracast, iPhone/iPad Airplay, DLNA, Wifi Network Setting, Built-in Youtube and etc. The new UI interface design makes the experience more perfect. Remote control makes it more convenient to use. Connecting to a mobile phone can wirelessly cast the video in the mobile phone to a larger screen, and you can also experience the feeling of playing games on the wall. Plug in the USB to play the music and video inside, it is a multi-functional audio, video player and mobile TV. 1080P Resolution
Higher resolution is especially important for home outdoor projectors. Comparing the mini projectors with 480 pixels (resolution) of the same screen size, T5 outdoor projectors have a higher definition of 1024x600P, and can compatible with full HD 1080P images.

Personalized Design
The lens cover is designed with a sliding type, and you can swipe left and right to control the projector switch. The large-area vent design is conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine and can extend the life of the mini projector.

Built-in HiFi speaker
Built-in updated HI-FI stereo speakers that provide amazing sound quality for indoor and outdoor scenes, bringing you an immersive and impressive experience. Plug in the USB to play the music and video inside, it is a multi-functional audio, video player and mobile TV.

Zoom function
The HOPFROG outdoor projector can use the remote control to adjust the image between 75% and 100%. Without changing the projection distance, you can easily obtain a suitable screen size through the remote control.
WIFI Projector Wireless Connection
1. Open "Airplay" on projector screen if you are using iPhone

2. Find the wifi with name "WIFI_AP_xxxx" and connect it with password 12345678

3. Open "Mirror Screening" on iPhone control and connect phone to the projector

4. Then you can start your phone projection now

Excellent Viewing Experience
The wifi projector supports a maximum viewing size of 200 inches, giving you an excellent viewing experience. The recommended viewing distance is 1.5 m~ 2.2 m. With 360° inverted function, projection from the front/back/ceiling is possible.

Broad Compatibility
With HDMI port, USB port, AV port, VGA port and 3.5 mm headphone jack, the projector with WiFi can easily connect to laptops, PC, external speakers, Xbox, USB, iPad, iPhone, Android smart phones.