This series of ILY Express duplicators can work independently without need for PC or your attention. Just simply insert your master disc and put new discs into target drives with easily functional touch to duplicate CDs/DVDs in a matter of minutes. “Oops! Disc error?” Never mind! With Error Avoidance Technology you can change the failed master disc to a working one without interrupting the process.  With User-Friendly LCD, you might check the status for every single target during process. A simplified user mode for frequently use and more expert mode have been implanted.  ILY Express Series is based on #1 selling SATA-based controller which offers features such as faster data transfer rate, enhanced error checking, shielded connector to minimize interference and breakage-resistant cables; that makes the duplicating procedure as smooth as you expected.  Compare to other brand in the current market, ILY Express duplicators are faster, and more reliable; so you don’t need larger rooms of buffer, even HD. HD is useful for frequently use files, especially for image files. If you need, you may consider the series of Express Edge.  With ILY Express duplicator, you won’t waste money.

To fulfill the most demanding jobs and perfect for people who don't/do make massive copying, single target to the industry leading 11 targets are provided. The ILY D03-ETNE offers three targets.

ILY Express duplicators offer you many features and functions you need in duplicating process. Paying less for high efficiency; turn the time you save into money.  No doubt, it should be the first one to experience.

  • System is upgradable via firmware. No need to pay for updated versions.
  • Automatically recognizes the source disc, master disc.
  • Adjustable burning speeds enable to process duplicating at optimal speed. Maximum on CD-R 48X; DVD-R 24X
  • Intuitive user-friendly LCD panel. And other standard menus are available for advanced users.
  • Enhanced vented air circulation is designed to increase the life of duplicator controllers and drives.
  • Rigorously tested for performance and reliability
Stand-alone system - No computer needed!

The ILY D03-ETNE is a stand-alone duplicator that can be fully functional and controllable independently, without the need for PC connection.

Multi-format playback

The ILY D03-ETNE is compatible with multiple disc formats including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and DVD+/-R DL.

Burn without interruption

Error Avoidance Technology allows you to change the failed master disc to a good one without interrupting the process. Prevents duplication failures caused by disc errors. This feature is not available for DVD-to-DVD.