General InformationManufacturer: Hewlett Packard EnterpriseManufacturer
Part Number: 215487-B21Manufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. hpe.
comBrand Name: HPE
Product Name: AIT-2
Tape DriveMarketing Information: The HP StorageWorks Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) storage media are ideal for departmental and workgroup backups where capacity, performance and cost are critical. HP AIT tape drives has (MIC) technology giving faster file access and higher reliability. This media uses an Advanced Metal Evaporated composition, which means the drive seldom needs to be cleaned. The MIC offers faster load and unload times and access your data in less than 27 seconds from anywhere on the tape. HP is committed to providing cost effective, high performance backup solutions for the enterprise and the small to medium business.
Product Type: Tape
DriveTechnical InformationDrive Type: AIT-2Compressed
Storage Capacity: 100 GBNative
Storage Capacity: 50
GBRecording Method: Helical ScanDrive PerformanceMaximum Native Data Transfer Rate: 12
MB/sMaximum Compressed Data Transfer Rate: 24
MB/sStorage MediaFormats Supported: AIT-2 (Read/Write)Physical
CharacteristicsForm Factor: InternalDrive
Width: 5.25"D rive
1/2HHeight: 1.8"W
idth: 4.6"D
epth: 8.5"W
eight (Approximate): 1.90 lb