The Eisschicht from Alphacool can, like other heat thermal pads, compensate for the unevenness of heat sinks and the elements to be cooled. However, it has a great special feature: the Eisschicht consists of heat-conducting paste with a fabric embedded in it! This ensures that the performance of these pads is significantly more efficient than that of normal heat conduction pads, regardless of the low W/mK value. Furthermore, a better distribution and filling between the surfaces is achieved. This results in a better air displacement and due to their soft consistency, there is also no pressure on components or solder joints. Nvidia, uses this type of pad wth the Founders Edition GPUs. Eisschicht can easily be cut to the desired size and attached to heat sinks without slipping. As a basic component or spare part, heat conduction pads belong in every well-organised computer builders toolbox!
Technical data:
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 1 mmQuantity: 1Thermal
conductivity: 3
W/mkElectrically conductive: No
Model: 12976