Access control keypad is sturdy rugged keypad; with zinc alloy electroplated technology; The circuit board is completely encapsulated in epoxy to be weatherproof; keyboard is waterproof so you can use it outdoor or indoor
Backlight Function; In dark locations or night you can read numbers light up; Light indication for different modes; Red light stands for Enter into programming mode; Yellow light for in the programming mode; Green light for Operation successful mode
Wiegand access control keypad can be as a standalone reader or keypad; 0-99s adjustable door relay time; It is a relay output to open the door; so that you could connect this to a powered device without the use of some computing intermediate
Tamper protection; Access control system uses a LDR for light dependent resistor as an anti tamper alarm; If the keypad is removed from the cover then the tamper alarm will operate; Also you can adjust alarm time 0- 3 minutes
Easy to use; Full programming from the keypad; Support 3 access ways for Card; PIN or Card with PIN; access control keypad adopts Wiegand 26 interface top 2000 user capacity; it can be wall mounted

Access control keypad is waterproof; backlight; easy programming for outdoor indoor flush mount applications

It works with wiegand 26 bit tcp ip network access control board panel controller

Suitable for detached garage; security gate; man gate; vehicles gate; gated entrance; office; household

Heavy Cast Vandal Resistant Housing
Access control keypad use active keypad with zinc alloy electroplated anti-vandal material; so can be mounted anywhere outside of the home for durable use

Waterproof Function
Keypad access control has waterproof features; so you can use it in outdoors; The sleek keys of this keypad can be operated with a bare finger or a snow-covered glove equally well

Backlight Keys
So you can operate the access control system in night to see the keypad number clear; Also it woks with low power consumption about 30mA

Large User Capacity
It supports most 2000 users; supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN 3 access ways to open the door; so it can be a good choice for factories, warehouses, laboratories, banks; also it has adjustable door output time, alarm time, door open time functions

Easy to install and program
The piezoelectric buttons work simply by tapping the surface, and do not require an actual physical movement; built in buzzer; Red Yellow and Green LEDS display the working status

Power Supply: 12VDC + 10%
Unlock relay: 12VDC/2A
Electric lock output: Max 3A
Alarm output: Max 20A
Effective Cards: 2000
Ambient temperature: -49-140°F
Password: 4 digit PIN code
Compatible Cards: 125KHz EM standard card
Card Reading Distance: 1.18 ~ 2.36 inch
Electric locking interface: Relay output or input of optional
Open access: 1
Doorbell button: 1
Interface to an alarm: 1
Add-in Reader Interface: 1 WG26 interface

Package Includes
1x Access Control
1 x Installation Kit
1x English User Manual