Model Number:FID Writer Copie

EM4100 125K RFID Writer Copier 5pcs T5577 Writable tags for Access control
Designed to read 125KHz RFID cards/tag/keyring and write 125KHz writable RFID cards/tag/keyring
Operates without the need of PC or laptops -- works completely standalone
Clear LED indication extremely easy to use,Simply press the button on the left to "read" existing RFID card. Then, press the button on the right to "write"  Writable RFID card/tags/keyrings
Comes with 5 x

Writable RFID keychain
The included programmable RFID cards are completely reusable -- can be written over and over again
Additional RFID keychains and RFID pass cards available
Perfect for cloning existing RFID pass cards and keychains (please use in a legal way)
100V~240V AC adapter included
Can not support HID card.if you want copy the 125KHz HID card/ tag please search:261411824055,261411814300,261524359098.
Item dimension:15x14.3x3.5mm
Packag include:
* EM4100 125KHz RFID Card/tag copier x1
* 5pcs  Writable RFID tags/keyrings
      * 110-240VAC to 12VDC Adapter