The previous method that has been most commonly used for water cooling systems is normal PVC hoses - now Alphacool introduces a new approach to water cooling. The Alphacool HardTube additionally brings more tidiness into the system which enables a further structured impression. Borosilicate glass ticks every box on the checking list for watercooling systems. Stability and a brilliant appearance are not the only qualities that should lead to choosing this glass as even most chemicals and temperature flactuations can not harm the borosilicate glass. The whole chemical industry is depending on this glass and we can certainly say that this is not without reason.

All glass tubes are compatible with the Alphacool HardTube connectors. Alphacool currently offers two classical sizes. One tube with a 16mm outer diameter and another with 13mm outer diameter. Further different length with 90° angles are introduced as its not possible to personally deform these tubes.
The following options are available: HardTube borosilicate glass 13/10mm 90° 10/30cm and 20/40cm HardTube borosilicate glass 13/10mm 40cm and 60cm HardTube borosilicate glass 16/11mm 90° 10/30cm and 20/40cm HardTube borosilicate glass 16/11mm 40cm and 60cm
WARNING: Do not under any circumstances use the usual glass tube cutter to shorten the borosilicate glass tube. Borosilicate glass is a solid glass which can not be cut properly with a normal glass tube cutter. Please refer to a Dremel® with the needed cutting disc.
Note: Due to the made-to-fit pipes, the connections must be plugged straight with a little effort.
Attention: This article is not compatible with Monsoon fittings.