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CORSAIR Hydro X Series XF Ball Valve makes it easy to drain your custom cooling system, with a two-stage sealing valve that completely shuts off flow when closed. Machined from solid brass and available in durable black or chrome finishes, universally compatible G1/4” threads make it easy to add your choice of fittings.

Standard G1/4” BSPP threads provide universal compatibility with all CORSAIR XF Fittings.

Machined from solid brass for superior quality and durability.

High-quality finish in durable black or chrome for a flawless look.

Use the XF Ball Valve to seal off sections of your custom cooling system from coolant flow or easily drain your loop.

Intuitive two-stage seal completely seals off flow when closed.

Optimized for high flow rates to minimize fitting flow resistance and improve performance.

Port Thread: G1/4"

Material: Brass

Compatible Materials:KEY_TAB Only mix with other copper / brass products

Model: CX-9055019-WW