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Here comes the Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Scholarship Edition takes place at the fictional New England boarding school, Bullworth Academy. It tells the story of mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he goes through the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence. Beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks on the preppies, save the nerds, kiss the girl, and ultimately navigate the social hierarchy in the worst school around.


Scholarship Edition brings together all of the cliches surrounding school – the cliques, the teachers, the pranks – and creates an environment which is hilarious to play and interesting to explore.


With 82 missions, 45 lessons, loads of mini games and collectibles, Bully provides over 30 hours of entertainment.


Spread the mischief. Use your slingshot to annoy the school mascot, give the preppies wedgies, leave a stink bomb in the cheerleader's locker, trip the prefects on well-placed marbles, drop firecrackers in the toilets, and own the school.


Over 100 voiced characters to socially interact with among several social groups: jocks, nerds, preppies, greasers, teachers, townies, carnies, and of course girls.


You're in charge. Decide whether you have a positive or negative effect when interacting or accepting missions; you can say hello to fellow classmates or deliver mean wedgies. Even decide which girls you want to kiss or what classes to skip.


The original score creates a dynamic atmosphere that compliments the schoolyard experience.