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Now, it’s time to show the infected your new gear! Chain at least three hits with the new one-handed axe— RGB AXE-Pad —to apply shock damage! Or, if you’d rather use something heavier, smash them with the Next-Gen Maul hammer. Use a charged attack to let its power flow through the circuit and shock your enemies. But sometimes it’s better not to come too close, and for that, you’ve got the LED Meta Bow . It glows, it shoots, and, most importantly, it keeps you away from the bloodthirsty monsters! But let’s not forget about the pinnacle of your crafting skills! Some extra lights here and there, just a little bit of polishing, and your buggy has turned into this cool 4wheelz ride ! So, jump right into it, put on your 1337 G4m3R VR headset ( Careful! It might affect your vision! ) and let’s get out of this mess! The bundle contains:
- Outfit—1337 G4m3R
- Buggy skin—4wheelz
- One-handed axe—RGB AXE-Pad: Applies shock after the third consecutive hit
- Hammer—Next-Gen Maul: Applies shock damage on charged attacks
- LED Meta Bow