Draw, Paint, Animate, and Photo-Edit!

With all the great features of the award-winning corefx Three Level program – with new tools and images – corefx Creative further enhances your artwork! Work with images from a wide variety of sources. Use digital photographs, image scans, web graphics, and many other sources as your starting point. Any images you produce with corefx Creative can easily be saved for use on the web (including animations), used in desktop publishing, presentation or word processing software, or incorporated directly into other projects.

corefx Creative supplies a comprehensive set of artists’ tools which can be applied directly onto the page. Charcoal, felt tips, coloring pencils, and many more can be used individually, or mixed and blended to create a limitless number of effects. It is this blending of colors which is unique, and – quite frankly – makes any digital painting spectacular.


  • Expanded library with 1,500 images and templates
  • New! Round & Custom selection tools to easily crop images
  • Expanded Activity guide to develop digital art, editing, and animation techniques
  • New! Save animations as Flash (.swf) files.
Begin to Draw Level

corefx Creative provides realistic crayons, markers, and paints; transformation tools; and hundreds of images for beginners.

corefx Art Level

Additional selection of realistic drawing and painting tools, including pastels, markers, paints, chalks, and more.

Animation Level

Easily learn animation techniques to bring your artwork to life.

Photo FX Level

Easy-to-understand, fun-to-use photo-editing and photo FX tools create sophisticated digital art. Add images to calendars, cards, and photo frame templates.

corefx Creative Level

corefx Creative Combines the features of all four levels in one for a complete, advanced digital art, photo-editing, and animation experience.