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The recipes in this download were produced by the editors of a totally different kind of food magazine--one that keeps growing and growing. Since 1993, Taste of Home has attracted over 5 million subscribers, making it the #1 cooking magazine in America.

Each issue relies on a staff of 1,000 country cooks--"field editors" from every U.S. state and Canadian province--to contribute their families' favorite recipes.

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On top of all these taste-tempting recipes, Taste of Home brings you lots of handy kitchen tips, video clips, and "shortcuts worth sharing" from readers happy to pass along their know-how.

You'll also learn new ways to give leftovers a lift and learn some of the "secret" ingredients other good cooks add to make ordinary dishes outstanding. Get Cook'n today and enjoy this special collection of family favorites from the #1 cooking magazine in America, Taste of Home.


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