The In Win iSeat mini tablet stand is designed to offer solid yet scratch-free support for a 5- to 10-inch tablet. It is colorful and features an "S"-shaped, one-piece design, a great complement for your sophisticated tablet. You can turn the stand upside down to get another viewing angle. It measures 90 x 90 x 134 mm (L x W x H).

Stylish "S"-shaped, one-piece design

The "S"-shaped, one-piece design makes this stand not only striking, but also versatile. You can turn it upside down for another viewing angle. Getting a comfortable viewing or typing angle couldn’t be easier. You even can prop laptop up at an increased angle to keep it off the desk and increase airflow access around of your devices.

Solid yet scratch-free support

Made of aluminum with silicone on the edge, the In Win iSeat mini tablet stand sturdily pops up a 5- to 10-inch tablet without scratching it. It is available in five colors (grey, blue, purple, lemon yellow, and peach red). The grey, blue, and purple ones are made of anodized aluminum, while the lemon yellow and peach red are made of painted aluminum.