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the main banner of AORUS Liquid Cooler 280

Incorporating a powerful waterblock, a 280mm radiator, and two dual-ball bearing 140mm ARGB fans, the AORUS Liquid Cooler 280 rapidly and quietly dissipates heat from your CPU, enabling it to deliver the full performance without throttling. A circular full-color LCD display integrated on the waterblock can be customized via AORUS Engine to showcase your desired content, including text, image, and hardware status. You can use RGB FUSION 2.0 to let the full-color display and three ARGB fans shine in unique lighting patterns and enable effortless synchronization with other AORUS devices.

Exclusive Circular LCD Display Modes

All-new RGB LED Design. RGB Fusion 2.0 Software allows users to control the lighting patterns on the AORUS Falcon logo and fan blades and enables lighting synchronization with peripherals so that users can showcase their own style.

the LCD display showing CPU status and AORUS Falcon logo
Simple Customization with AORUS Engine & RGB FUSION 2.0
the interface of RGB FUSION 2.0

LCD Pattern Switch

Through RGB FUSION 2.0 switch up to 7 LCD pattern models including the AORUS Enthusiast mode, function mode, custom image mode, and custom text mode.

the interface of AORUS Engine

Information Display and Heat Dissipation Features

Through the AORUS Engine, users can select CPU model name/clock rates/temps/fan RPM/pump RPM to display on their LCD, giving them full control over the status of each metric. Text and image files can be displayed on the LCD. Fans and pump RPM come with the silent fan function.

Textured Aluminum Extrusion Design

oblique view of pump
top view of pump
side view of the pump

Excellent Performance

Excellent heat dissipation tested with Intel i9 9900K at 8 Cores 5GHz.

* Testing results are from Prime 95 testing. Actual results may vary depending on system setup.

the front view of AORUS Liquid Cooler 360
Unique Fan Design
a close look of the fan

Efficient Heat-Dissipating, Silent AORUS Fans

After extensive testing, AORUS has paired the 140mm fan blade with the 280mm radiator for the best synergy in delivering the most efficient heat dissipation with minimal noise. The fan keeps the noise at a minimum even when running at the highest speed. ARGB Fan type adds the AORUS style to your system by supporting RGB Fusion 2.0 for the coolest looking setups.

Dual-Ball Bearing Structure

The life of the two-ball bearing fan is more than 5 years.

* The double ball bearing structure has better heat endurance and efficiency than sleeve structure. Hence it will provide longer life time.

a lifespan comparison between sleeve bearing and 2-ball bearing