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ARCTIC COOLING DCACO-V800001-GBA01 Fluid Dynamic VGA Cooler

Item #: 9SIV04G3RK9750  |  Mfr. Part #: DCACO-V800001-GBA01
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    Top Favorable Review

    Silent but Deadly!

    This thing was fairly easy to install even with poor instructions. Temps have changed drasticly. 55 degrees max when playing games at max settingsat 1440p. VRM temps are very reasonable as i have see VRM 1 only reach around 80 degrees once ... Read more
    — Julius C. 3/24/2014

    Top Critical Review

    Misleading Information

    - Major incompatibility with the Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming (was confirmed it would be compatible by AC) - Misleading information provided by Arctic Cooling representative - Poor instructions Since the GPU is shifted more to the right, and the ... Read more
    — Raymond T. 5/6/2015

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    • Anonymous

    4 out of 5 eggs Your Experience Will Vary

    Pros: The card is inaudible at full load over the sound of 4 Be Quiet! Silent Wings run at the lowest RPM possible. Further, given proper installation this cooler will get you the best overclock possible. The build quality is superb and the heatsink design is so proven that it went unchanged in the switch from the III to the IV.

    Cons: Not for the feint of heart. Installation varies by card and some creativity may be required by the installer. This version takes up 5 slots because of the backing plate which meant that I had to remove my sound card. It is very large and heavy

    Bottom Line: I used an Accelero III for 2 years on a 7970. When upgrading to a GTX 1060 I had difficulty deciding whether to install a III or a IV, but I did know that I would be using one or the other because I have put a great deal of time and money into having a silent computer. The deciding factor for me was that my experiences with the thermal adhesive which holds on the heatsinks for the III. It was difficult to use and didn't like to stay on. Since I was risking damage every time I took the card apart I decided that the added size and cost of a IV was worth it.

    Having now gone through this process I can say that putting an Accelero Xtreme on a 1060 is overkill because the heatsink's ability to move heat seems to exceed the GPU's. I expected this, but also knew that this cooler would likely be compatible with whatever card I bought after as well. In any case, overkill was what I wanted because I am in pursuit of true silence. However, I am still undecided about the decision between the III and the IV. The backing plate probably does the job but it doesn't instill the same confidence as the heatsinks from the III. Fortunately nothing stops you from purchasing small heatsinks and installing them along with the plate.

    One nice feature of the IV is that it includes a bracket to support the weight of the cooler. I had previously solved the problem by suspending the cooler from the roof of my case with cable ties. Unfortunately the 1060 is too wide for the cooler which means that the bracket doesn't fit and I had to break out the cable ties again. This is really the biggest problem with the Accelero series: Arctic does not communicate the best way to install the cooler on individual cards.If you are not comfortable making decisions about how best to carry out an install I reccomend that you stay away. If you are willing to be creative though, this cooler is everything you could possibly expect and probably more.

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    • Anonymous
    • Verified Owner

    1 out of 5 eggs Pretty good way to replace an MSI r9 290

    Pros: For the MSI r9 290? None that I can think of.

    Cons: Card died rather quickly, after install, less than a minute after windows was booted(and it boots fast with SSD). Granted this is probably my fault for not really being able to decipher the instructions, reading that it worked for this card, seeing that it didn't cover some of the other hot components, then continuing with the install anyway.

    Bottom Line: I'm sure this cooler could work wonders for the GPU itself, just be sure to add additional cooling to VRMs and those gold and silver oscillator looking things(not an electronics major by any means). There was 7 of them in a straight line.

    Not an overly major deal, as I was planning to upgrade to a newer card anyway. Just didn't think I would be doing so this quickly.

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    • Anonymous

    5 out of 5 eggs Simply the best!!!

    Pros: Cool the hot beast from AMD 290/290x or 390/390x from over 85c to 65c under heavy load.

    Cons: Only work with reference GPUs.This nut case is huge and heavy.Use support bracket that came with it or it is gonna slowly kill you PCIe x16 slot for real!!

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    • Jay H.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Perfect replacement for reference cooler

    Pros: cost, ease of install, fits perfect, better cooling than I expected.
    cannot hear the fans at all. looks good.

    Cons: NONE

    Bottom Line: installed this on my GTX 980 with reference blower cooler.
    temps reduced big time.
    reference cooler temps
    idle 35c
    full load 80c
    Arctic cooler temps
    idle 27c
    full load 48c
    for a test I set the fans to 100% speed and they are so quiet I had to look to see if they were running.
    I set a fan profile using MSI Afterburner, fans never have to go over 60% to keep my gpu at 48c under load.

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    • jared w.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Great product, easy to install.

    Pros: dual sided heat sinks one for bottom and other for top of card.

    Cons: none

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    • Dennis P.

    3 out of 5 eggs works good IIIIIF it fits

    Pros: cools excellent after it seats in/tames the interface. At first I was skeptical as the temps on this older 6000 series card just kept climbing. Eventually the interface started to work and the cooler it's self works well.

    Cons: the extra cooler attachment/fin set didn't get installed because of it's size. I've found that its not compatible with very many MB's unless you single card it OR your board is only meant for one video card/no SLI/C Fire.. In my CF system, I didn't need one of these on the secondary card, the primary is what got hot during gaming. Still gets kind of warm, but way below what the card company called for. I suspect that if a person were able to install that extra fin set, this would finish out the cooling capacity. But it has limited interface material/heat carrying foam and that funky hold down system just plain didn't work for me. Sooo, I tossed it in a box to save for later..or something?

    Bottom Line: This cooler is probably compatible with about any single GPU video card, as long as their is NO component interference. It is kind of expensive though and the back cooler add on doesn't really work in the real world. Better on paper or a single card system with nothing around the video card to get in the way. The interface material for the back board cooler really is a bit of a farce/w that silly clear plastic insulation just turned me against the installation of other than just the main cooling system. IF it were like a half an inch(13mm) thick, it could work, but probably would cool all that well, so it's just a non-starter.

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    • Randy S.
    • Verified Owner

    5 out of 5 eggs Blew away my expectations!

    Pros: Extremely Quiet.
    Amazing temps on Idle and Load.

    Cons: Instructions are a bit lacking.
    Very Large.

    Bottom Line: I was skeptical because of some of the reviews here. I'm not sure if some people just didn't install this correctly or not.

    I have a 780ti with a reference cooler, in order to keep my card below the throttling threshold I had to kick the fan up to almost 80% and it sounded like a jet engine.

    The install for the new cooler took about 3 hours, it's very large and takes up about 3 expansion slots so be aware if you order it. After everything was installed it was very sturdy and kept the card from sagging like previous versions. The instructions were clear up until the very end, it doesn't tell you where to plug in the fans (You can either plug the fan directly into your video card or use a provided molex adapter and plug it directly to your PSU)

    On my reference cooler temps were as follow:
    Idle: 47c @ 50% fan speed
    Load: 78c @ 80% fan speed

    With the Arctic cooler:
    Idle: 31c @ 26% fan speed(lowest speed available)
    Load: 56c @ 40% fan speed

    A huge difference. This cooler is extremely quiet as well. Even putting the fans to 100% I cannot hear them over my case fans. My loudest fan is my CPU cooler (Hyper 212+) and the Arctic does not exceed it's noise.

    This was well worth the money and honestly a quality of life purchase just based on the quietness alone. If you purchase this just make sure to leave yourself enough time, don't get into a hurry and do not over-tighten anything, you want your card to snug but not bowed (over-tightening the screw clips for the back plate can cause your card to warp, backing them off a bit can keep them snug and lets your card lay flat)

    Again well worth the money, Ignore a lot of the bad reviews, I guarantee these people rushed through the install and didn't install it properly. It's quiet and has excellent cooling (20c drop in my case)

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    • Raymond T.
    • Verified Owner

    1 out of 5 eggs Misleading Information

    Pros: Probably reduces the temperatures by a lot.

    Cons: - Major incompatibility with the Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming (was confirmed it would be compatible by AC)
    - Misleading information provided by Arctic Cooling representative
    - Poor instructions

    Since the GPU is shifted more to the right, and the memory chips/VRMs are on the left side of the PCB, the product is unable to provide adequate cooling. Heatsink does not cover the back of the memory chips entirely, and REVERSING the heatsink covers it, but blocks part of the PCI-E gold plate (will not click in). Clips that were provided do not align properly. The representative mentioned it would be compatible, but he didn't even check the 3-pin on the videocard itself. The cooler uses a 4-pin, which comes with an adapter to molex, rendering it incapable of controlling fan speeds (unless you have a fan controller).

    The major flaw is the difference in temperatures between GPU temp and memory/VRM temps. If the GPU is cooled sufficiently well, the fans will remain idle, while the memory/VRM will be cooled improperly. Basically, they did a good job the GPU, but they MUST having a decent/good cooling solution for the memory/VRMs as well.

    Bottom Line: Their cooling products are great, make no mistake (had Xtreme III), but the misleading information that made me go through this hellish ordeal is painful. Now I have to reinstall my original cooler and make sure everything's fine. I'll save this cooler for something else, but I'm going to require new rubber pads.

    Honestly, it came down from that information provided AC that it'd be compatible is why I purchased it in the first place.

    I had to confirm with AC of compatibility since my Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming had a different PCB layout vs other 970s.

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    • Brandon P.
    • Verified Owner

    4 out of 5 eggs Cools GPU and vRAM well. VRM, not so much.

    Pros: - Provides excellent contact between heatsink and GPU die.
    - Lowered my core temperature from 85C on full load to 60C on full load (when compared to the stock cooler on a reference model nVIdia GTX TITAN X)
    - Heatsink is copper and very flat. Very few scratches and indentations.
    - Heatsink comes with Arctic MX-4 already applied on the heatsink. This is a good thermal compound, but there are better ones (such as the Liquid Ultra I substituted it with).
    - Fans are very quiet, even at 100%.
    - Backplate passive heatsink seems to do a very good job of cooling vRAM.

    Cons: - Hassle to install. Included directions are not very helpful. I had to refer to YouTube videos to get clarification on a couple of the steps.
    - Not enough thermal pads to cover all the hot components. After covering the 12 vRAM chips, I had very little to spare for the GPU phases and VRM.
    - Since everything is cooled on the back side of the card via the passive backplate heatsink, front-side components such as the VRM are left out in the open. Today I purchased a few sets of the Enzotech MOS-C10 C1100 copper heatsinks to place on the VRM and GPU phases. I hope it helps to cool them, because this cooler certainly doesn't. With this cooler, the VRM on my TITAN X peaks at 105C. Completely unacceptable.
    - Clamps (for clamping PCB to the backside heatsink) can be tricky to install on a TITAN X.

    Bottom Line: - Reference model nVidia GTX TITAN X
    - Use Coolaboratory Liquid Ultra on the GPU die. Provides much better temperatures when compared to the MX-4 that comes on the heatsink.
    - People have reported issues of installing this on motherboards with thermal armor (such as the Sabertooth Z77 that I have). I personally did not have much of an issue getting the GPU to fully seat into the PCI-E slot after installing this cooler. But beware nonetheless.
    - Be sure to take your time with screwing everything into place. This solution puts a lot of pressure on the PCB so be sure not to overtighten. When installing I notice that the PCB bends in certain spots. Do your best not to damage it.

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    • Dennis P.

    3 out of 5 eggs single card systems

    Pros: cools fairly well as it should for it's size. Quality fans

    Cons: the system they engineered here is functional but over sized for the given video card(s).The back side cooler is a good idea IF it can be fitted into your case and the metal holding system is an iffy afterthought. Makes for more problems with the cross fire system, it blocks the cross fire connectors. I left mine off for my own design...I intend to mill down the original back side cooler fit as well, but the cooler kit came without any of the plastic(tacky) filament. An open box that is really a refurbished/sent back unit.. There are smaller units that work as well, if not better for the price. I purchased the open box version of this cooler, basically had to redesign the clamps and leave that back cooler off for now, it's far too large to fit with/in crossfire system, especially IF you run two of these on your cards.(really uneeded).

    Bottom Line: It's a lot of tinkering to assemble this contraption just to cool with air. Sellers are just wanting to liquidate old tech from their shelves. If the price comes down on these dramatically, then I'd advise their value as killer coolers, but with the water kits out(albeit over priced as well) these monster air coolers are just there for those who want that big fish impression on their friends. These only really cool with the fans above auto levels from the video card.

    As a final note, don't get into the "open box" versions, as they're really poorly refurbs, not just open boxes. Too many parts missing with an "almost new" price. At that rate you'll need a price cooler to attach to the sale item....

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