SilverStone Technology’s Nitrogon NT07-1156 is a super slim profile CPU cooler designed for space limited applications that utilizes LGA 1156 platforms. It has a copper center construction with extruded aluminum fins for excellent thermal conductive capability that rivals many larger coolers. The custom 90mm fan was designed with fan blades to achieve the highest air pressure possible while maintaining an acoustic profile that is rare for cooler of this size. At a total height of only 37mm tall, the NT07-1156 is likely the best choice and the only choice for slim sized cases utilizing LGA 1156 processors.

Low Profile

Only 37mm tall, the SilverStone NT07-1156 is ideal for height-constrained cases with Intel LGA 1156 platform inside. It uses push pins for easy installation.

Excellent Thermal Performance

Copper center and base with extruded aluminum fins deliver impressive heat transfer ratio as opposed to the stock cooler.

Low Noise

Custom 90mm fan provides excellent cooling and runs with low noise. Built-in Intel Extreme series CPU cooler fan speed switch allows manual speed control between 1200~3000rpm ± 10% and 1200~1800rpm ± 10% cater to your preference.