The Phanteks PH-F120SP_BK 120mm fan is a great choice for your case or radiator upgrade. Designed with Maelström concept technology and operating at 1300 ± 250 rpm, this fan delivers balanced airflow and air pressure while keeping the whirring at a minimum. Its Updraft Floating Balance (UFB) bearing is meticulously engineered for stable rotation and long lifespan. The redesigned back frame ensures better structural strength to withstand heavy duty use.

Available with Blue LED and No LED options, choose the one that best suit your preference or case.

General information

Maelström Vortex Booster (MVB)

The nine blades are positioned in a way that it provides a powerfully controlled airflow. The MVB produces a downdraft vortex allowing air passage through the surface to produce a significantly better performance while keeping the noise level down. The magnetic brushless DC motor helps avoid effects of resonance and allows better rotation stability.

General information

Updraft Floating Balance (UFB) Bearing

Phanteks’ UFB bearings are composed by MOSS and SSC system. MOSS has an effective fan hub-blade ratio to achieve a dynamic balance, thus floating the axis for minimal air noise. SSC increases the bearing life span to ensure that the fan axis is consistently operating without mechanical noise.

General information

Polarity Auto-Restart Protection

Phanteks’ unique fan circuit design provides a Fan Polarity Auto-Restart feature. The sensor inside of the fan will constantly send a series of rectangular signals to your PC M/B indicating that the fan is working correctly. The unique restart feature provides optimal support and protection.