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Leaving your equipment unprotected risks the possibility of damage and data loss due to power outages, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Delivering a 3000VA/2700W capacity in only three standard rack spaces (3U), Tripp Lite's SU3000RTXLCD3U SmartOnline™ UPS System protects connected equipment against data loss, downtime and equipment damage due to these common power problems. Featuring true on-line operation with pure sine wave output and zero transfer time to battery, it provides the highest level of power protection for mission-critical equipment. Internal batteries support connected equipment during blackouts, and runtime is expandable with optional external battery packs. The SU3000RTXLCD3U has nine outlets, organized in two individually controllable banks to reboot select equipment on demand or maximize battery runtime for mission-critical equipment. With its easy-to-use LCD interface, the SU3000RTXLCD3U puts you in control of your application by reporting alarms, runtimes, and over nine operating modes and conditions. USB and DB9 communication ports work with the included PowerAlert software to support messaging of detailed operational data, monitoring and unattended shutdown. The SU3000RTXLCD3U comes with a 2-year warranty and $250,000 of Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment.

Ideal for Protection of Mission-Critical Rackmount Equipment
SU3000RTXLCD3U Feature Focus
Rotatable LCD Status Display and Audible Alarm
Included PowerAlert Software

Ideal for Protection of Mission-Critical Rackmount Equipment

With a 3000VA/2700W capacity, the SU3000RTXLCD3U provides true on-line operation, reliable battery backup and comprehensive power management capability in just 3U of rack space. Featuring nine outlets, USB/DB9 ports and a slot for an optional SNMPWEBCARD (sold separately), the SU3000RTXLCD3U offers a complete power protection solution for servers, storage devices, telecom systems and other mission-critical applications.

True On-Line Operation

The SU3000RTXLCD3U provides the highest level of protection available for mission-critical equipment. It actively converts raw incoming AC power to DC and then re-converts it back to regulated, filtered AC output with a pure sine wave, completely isolating connected components from all power problems.

Reliable, Expandable Battery Backup

UPS battery backup keeps connected equipment operational through short power failures, and provides time to save data and perform an orderly system shutdown in case of a prolonged blackout. The SU3000RTXLCD3U's internal battery set provides 11 minutes of battery support for a half load (1350 watts) and 4 min. for a full load (2700 watts). During normal operation, incoming utility power keeps the UPS battery fully charged so that backup power will always be available if needed. For mission-critical applications demanding continuous uptime, the fully scalable SU3000RTXLCD3U can provide expandable runtime with optional external battery packs, sold separately (Tripp Lite BP72V15-2U or BP72V28RT3U).

High Power Factor and Efficient Operation Reduce Energy Costs

In standard operation, the SU3000RTXLCD3U's high 0.9 power factor enables it to support more equipment with greater efficiency. The SU3000RTXLCD3U also features an optional, highly efficient economy mode setting that can significantly reduce a facility's energy costs. In economy mode, the UPS operates with 94% efficiency, minimizing heat output, reducing cooling requirements and consuming less electricity.

LCD Status Display and Audible Alarm

The SU3000RTXLCD3U features a combination front-panel LED and LCD screen that allows IT personnel to monitor the unit's operating mode and pertinent data such as load percentages, power factor, input and output volts, battery charge and estimated runtimes. An audible alarm sounds in case of power-failure, low-battery, overload and fault conditions.

USB/DB9 Ports, SNMP Capability and Included PowerAlert Software

The SU3000RTXLCD3U features a USB port and a DB9 port (cables included). Used with Tripp Lite's included PowerAlert software, these communication ports provide comprehensive network power monitoring and control. Capabilities include UPS and line power status messaging (on battery, low battery, power restored, AC line voltage, DC battery voltage and remaining battery capacity), timed inverter shut-off after unattended shutdown, and UPS output power control for delayed or immediate reboot of connected devices. The SU3000RTXLCD3U also accepts an optional SNMPWEBCARD accessory that enables the UPS to operate as a managed device via the SNMP network.

Individually Controllable Outlets

Eight of the SU3000RTXLCD3U's nine outlets are arranged in two load banks with four outlets per bank. These load banks are individually controllable via a software interface to reboot locked-up equipment or shed nonessential loads to maximize battery backup time for mission-critical equipment.

Tel/Ethernet Surge Suppression

A sudden power surge or spike on a phone or network line can damage or destroy electronic components and wipe out irreplaceable data. The SU3000RTXLCD3U features one set of tel/Ethernet (RJ45) jacks that provide surge protection for a standard phone or network connection (cable not included). Its 570-joule surge suppression rating protects connected components and data from the harmful effects of power surges.

Improved Component Performance

Various electrical and radio sources can cause disruptive interference on the AC line. This line noise is a common cause of incremental hardware damage, data corruption and performance problems. By providing regulated, filtered, pure sine wave AC output, the SU3000RTXLCD3U completely isolates connected equipment from disruptive line noise.

Versatile Installation Options

The SU3000RTXLCD3U requires only 3U of rack space in a standard 4-post rack enclosure (mounting accessories included). It can also be installed in a 2-post rack using the optional 2POSTRMKITWM accessory, or in an upright tower configuration with the optional 2-9USTAND accessory.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

The SU3000RTXLCD3U comes with $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage for connected equipment and a 2-year warranty.

SU3000RTXLCD3U Runtime Chart

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage compatibility: 120 VAC (100/110/120/127 selectable)
  • Frequency compatibility: 50/60 Hz
  • VA/wattage capacity: 3000/2700
  • Battery runtimes (half/full): 11 min. /4 min. (expandable)
  • Outlet quantity/type: 4 x 5-15R, 4 x 5-15/20R, 1 x L5-30R
  • Signal line protection: RJ45 tel/Ethernet jacks (1 set)
  • Communications ports: 1 x USB; 1 x DB9; SNMP slot
  • Input cord: 10 ft.
  • Input plug: L5-30P
  • Switches/LEDs/alarms: On/Off switch; Alarm cancel/self-test switch; 7 LEDs and LCD screen; Audible alarm
  • Dimensions (HWD): 5.2 x 17.5 x 26 in. (3U)
  • Weight: 74 lbs.
  • Material of construction: Steel
  • Agency approvals: UL 1778 (US) / CSA (Canada); FCC Part 15 Category B (EMI); RoHS

What's in the Box

  • SU3000RTXLCD3U UPS System
  • PowerAlert Software with USB, Serial & EPO cabling
  • 4 Post Rackmount Installation Kit
  • Instruction Manual
What’s in the Box
Tripp Lite
SmartOnline™ UPS Systems
Rack Space 2U 2U 3U
VA/Watts 1500/1350 2200/1800 3000/2700
Outlets 6 x 5-15R 6 x 5-15/20R, 1 x L5-20R 4 x 5-15R, 4 x 5-15/20R, 1 x L5-30R
Half-Load Runtime 14 min. 12 min. 11 min.
Expandable Runtime Yes Yes Yes
Compatible Battery Pack(s) BP48V24-2U
Communication Ports USB; DB9 USB; DB9 USB; DB9
LCD Status Display Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 2-year 2-year 2-year