Big boards are kind of a big deal for those who need them. If you're looking for a jungle sized board for your workspace, check out the Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Marker Board! Coming in at 8' x 4', this is a seamless and elegant alternative to placing two boards side by side. Having extra elbow room is a welcome thing in busy offices and schools! The surface is made from tempered glass for the ultimate in stain and ghost resistance. Simply put, ink won't seep into glass, making it naturally ghost resistant. You can feel free to keep writing and drawing up for a while with no worries at all. Now that's convenient! And speaking of convenience, this board is also magnetized. Use magnets to stick paper printouts, notes and memos right to the board for fast referencing during meetings and throughout your workday. You could even have this board double as a dedicated magnetic bulletin board if desired. How cool is that? You can install the Quartet Infinity Glass Magnetic Marker Board horizontally or vertically too for flexibility in use. If you can fit more board in your office vertically, go for it! Like us monkeys, it can fit in places others just can't. The frameless design makes it universally compatible with any existing workspace d?cor. Quartet backs this board with a 15 year warranty for years of dedicated use.