The Samsung Galaxy S5 sets a new standard for your digital lifestyle by packing performance, style and features into a sleek, elegant package. Enjoy brilliant, true-to-life movies and games on the 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display. Record your life with amazing photos and videos up to 3840 x 2160 @30fps using 16-megapixel camera. A heart rate sensor enables you to measure heart rate directly on your phone, and S Health app leads you through your fitness routines daily and consistently. A fingerprint scanner offers an upgraded and personalized way to unlock your phone, which also makes your payments faster and more secure. The Galaxy S5 is also designed to be a tough guy with IP67 certification, so you can use it trouble-free while working out, near the beach, or in other active situations.

This dual-SIM version offers you the ability to use two phone numbers or service providers on a single phone. Thus you can dedicate a phone number for domestic call, and the other one for international call.

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Brilliant in Any Situation

Watch all your movies and videos come to life with incredible detail and vibrant color on the 5.1-inch, full 1080p Super AMOLED HD display. And enjoy a perfect viewing situation, no matter where you are, as your screen dynamically adjusts to compensate for ambient light.

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Easily Take Stunning Photos

A powerful, yet easy-to-use 16-megapixel camera lets you capture the moment as it’s happening with large-print quality detail. And with the new Selective Focus feature, you can easily select elements to focus on — and the things you want to blur out — to create a feeling of depth.

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Keep Track of Your Health

The Galaxy S 5 features the first-ever built-in heart rate monitor, and together with the S Health app, it makes tracking your health and fitness goals a lot easier. You can also use S Health™ to get on-demand nutritional information and the built-in pedometer helps track your steps and calories burned.

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Robust Design

Whether you’re running in the rain, or just catching up on your garden, now you won’t be afraid to take your phone along with you. The Galaxy S 5 is designed to be dustproof and water-resistant.

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Fingerprint Scanner

No more worrying about, or taking the time to enter your password. Now you can unlock your phone quickly and easily, just by scanning your fingerprint on the lock screen.