Madden NFL 15 transforms you into your rival's worst nightmare with a new breed of defense built to challenge the best offenses in the NFL.

Bring the Heat

Utilize a new set of pass rush tools to beat your blocker and disrupt the backfield. New mechanics to jump the snap, shed blocks, and steer offensive linemen put you in control, and make defensive linemen more dangerous than ever.

Risk vs. Reward

Defenders can now make aggressive or conservative tackles in the open field, with proximity cones showing the effective range of each. Aggressive tackles can lead to big plays and fumbles, but conservative tackles are more likely to bring the ball-carrier down without giving up extra yards. The choice is yours, but so are the consequences.

A New Point of View

See defense through a whole new lens with all-new camera angles that let you attack the play from the defensive perspective. Whether you lock in on a single defender and go for the big play, or follow the action wherever the ball goes, you'll see the play unfold through the defense's eyes.