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Indoor/Outdoor Camera
Easy to set up cameras for outdoor and indoor use. The IP66 weather resistant feature makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor performance. The wide operating temperature ranges from –40° F to +140°F (–40°C to 60°C)
Day and Night Viewing
Infrared LEDs allow clear night vision viewing up to 100 feet while IR cut auto switch feature blocks unwanted side effects caused by infrared lights during the daytime.


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Simply higher resolutions, wider angle of view, and superior video quality, true color images, with audio in and out.
What is IP-66? IP66 rating sets an industry standard and a degree of protection against dust and water. The first 6 stands for Leavel 6 dust proofing that protects from 4 micron dust particles penetrating under reduced pressure. The second 6 stands for Leavel 6 water resistance from projecting a powerful water nozzle that comes from any direction.



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Wide Operating Temperature Range
This camera offers the ultimate durability to effectively operate in any temperature ranging from -40°F to 140°F indoors or outdoors. Its strong housing and fully integrated technology allows it to properly function whether it's mounted in the snow, rain, or under the scorching sun.
12 Months Warranty
Your Laview product is protected by a full 12-month guaranteed warranty from the date of purchase. Lifetime Tech Support -- Laview aims to provide exceptional and satisfying experience to all customers with lifetime technical support.