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High Definition Analog Solution

Our HD-TVI solution offers high definition video output at 1080p/720p with frame rate speeds up to 30fps

Multiple Camera Compatibility

Our HD-TVI supports Analog cameras, HD-TVI cameras, a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera, and a bonus IP camera simultaneously without the need of additional converters


Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Each easy to install camera comes with an IP66 weather resistant housing along with a 3-axis adjustable mounting bracket


Motion Record

Create recording schedules and/or record movements in customizable masked area(s) with email notification

Smart Search

Saves time by automatically fast-forwarding to points-of-motion in custom masked areas


Remote Connectivity

Free remote access to live and recorded footage on your mobile device with free iOS® and Android™ apps


3D Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) helps remove tiny specs in low light, providing a sharper image

Digital Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Helps provide a clearer image in strong backlit areas, such as exterior light coming through a window


Night Vision

See up to 100 feet in the dark with 30 powerful infrared LED lights

Benefits of HD-TVI

Benefits of Multiple Camera Compatibility:

  • HD-TVI technology is the most versatile solution on the market as it supports analog cameras, point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, HD-TVI cameras, and IP cameras without the need of additional converters

Upgrade your traditional analog system

  • Analog users can now enjoy HD image quality without replacing existing analog wiring

Benefits of Smart Search and Motion Detection Record:

  • Smart Search:
  • You can quickly search through past footage. Use our easy-to-use interface to create a custom “masked area”. If there is movement in the “masked area” the DVR will automatically fast-forward to those moments. The advantage of “Smart Search” is that when you are looking at past footage you can save time by automatically fast forwarding through insignificant footage.
    Example: If a package is stolen from your front door, you can create a “masked area” to quickly view past footage.

  • LaView Motion Detection Record:
  • Records footage if there is movement in a certain area. Use our easy-to-use interface to create a custom “masked area”. This “masked area” will record when there is motion in the specified area. The advantage of “Smart Motion” is you less space on your hard drive allowing for less footage to view.
    Example: If you are a homeowner you can create a “masked area” around your front door to record any movement.

Key Features

  • 264 & Dual-stream video compression
  • Support up to 4-ch synchronous playback
  • Night Vision up to 80 feet
  • Smart Search and Smart Motion Capabilities
  • HDMI and VGA output at up to 1920×1080P resolution
  • Real-time HD Analog Solution at 1080P/720P (OR Full channel 1080P@12fps, 720P@30fps recording)
  • Multiple Camera Compatibility through Analog, IP, and HD-TVI Connections
  • Long distance (up to 1500ft) HD video transmission using coaxial cable
  • HD-TVI DVRs can auto-detect the incoming camera signal and configure the input for the best resolution
  • 3-way adjustable camera bracket
  • Recording schedule
  • Dynamic DNS Support