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The Rosewill® RC-6-HDM-MM-BK-3 HDMI cable provides the fast speed data connection you need between your 4K and HDTVs and various Ethernet-connected and home entertainment devices. It is engineered for long-term use with extra insulation and materials that are resistant to wear.

Rosewill HDMI Cable Supports 4K and HD Devices

When you need to hook up your satellite box or digital cable TV receiver to your new HD or 4K TV, the Rosewill HDMI cable supports the necessary bandwidth to deliver a high-resolution 4K signal. Enjoy the full 4K experience for live sporting events and video games alike from any 4K-compatible content. The 6-ft cord easily provides enough length to connect the back of your TV to a device on your entertainment console.

Materials Resist Corrosion and Interference

Gold-plated connectors are corrosion and heat resistant, which is useful for all types of environments and the fast speed demands of ultra high resolution. This Ethernet HDMI cable features shielding to insulate the signal from radio wave and electromagnetic interference to prevent cubing and signal interruption. The male to male connections plug into any standard HDMI female interface for fast and easy hookup.

HDMI Fast Speed Compliant

The Rosewill Select HDMI cable supports the HDMI fast speed specification for up to 1080p resolutions and multi-channel surround sound to transfer over a single cable.

Superior Clarity

The Rosewill Select HDMI cable is well shielded to prevent RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) for optimum signal clarity without loss or distortion.