The Mediasonic HomeWorx HW210AN flat antenna receives free high definition TV signals over the air. This indoor antenna features a minimum multi-directional range of 35 miles, and ensures quality, distortion-free result. This ultra lightweight, paper thin antenna can be mounted on a wall, behind a picture, or just about anywhere you like, while a long coaxial cable allows flexible placement. Plus, it's extremely easy to install - simply connect it to your TV, place the antenna higher on a wall, close to the window or at any other location with optimal reception. No extra power is required.

  • Receive free broadcast high definition TV signals.
  • The multi-directional range reaches minimum 35 miles or more
  • 10 feet high quality coaxial cable included
  • Reversible design with black on one side and white on the other side
  • Super Thin design allows you to place it almost anywhere and no power required

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