Spider M-Series High Speed Mini HDMI cables provide unparalleled performance and deliver video and sound quality that exceeds the existing HDMI Standards. Spider’s High Speed Mini HDMI cables are perfect for current and next generation cameras and camcorders. They support 1080p resolution HDTVs, DTVs, plasma displays, projectors and other AV sources for home theater systems. Spider High Speed Mini HDMI cables regenerate precise 1080p Full HD video images for cameras and camcorders. You are protecting your investment with Spider’s High Speed Mini HDMI Cables.

Gold plated copper conductors

The Stranded Oxygen Free Copper conductors minimize resistance and signal loss. The conductors are plated with 24K gold ensuring accurate transmission of picture and sound.

HDMI with Ethernet

Adding the high speed networking Ethernet channel to this HDMI link, provides users the benefit of using their IP-enabled devices without adding an additional Ethernet cable.

1080p Resolution

Spider M-Series High Speed Mini HDMI cable supports 1080p video resolution, capable of regenerating precise colors and sound for the next generation entertainment system. It is perfect for connecting HDTV, PVR, Audio Video Receiver, DVD, Cable and Satellite.