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General information

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2229X

A Great Home PC for Casual Gaming and Multimedia Entertainment

Power packed with an AMD FX-6300 six-core processor, an abundant amount of RAM and an AMD Radeon R7 240 graphics card, this desktop delivers smooth performance for your everyday tasks like HD browsing, video streaming, photo editing and online gaming. This black case announces its presence loudly with a menacingly-armored front panel. The edge-to-edge transparent window fancily showcases the interior with its red LED lighting effect. For your convenience, a keyboard and a mouse are bundled for out-of-the-box fun.

General information

PC-Transforming Performance

Take your PC’s mega-tasking services to extreme levels with the first native desktop processor built with dynamic, tuneable performance to handle multiple intensive apps without breaking a sweat.

AMD Turbo CORE Technology

AMD FX processors come equipped with AMD Turbo CORE Technology. AMD Turbo CORE Technology is a performance boosting technology that helps increase performance and support the applications that need it the most.

AMD Radeon R7 240 Graphics Card

The AMD Radeon R7 240 dedicated graphics card makes your entire PC experience faster—now you can enjoy the best web browsing, video editing, photo editing, as well as gaming experiences for your favorite MOBA and eSport games. Its low power consumption contributes to less heat generation and optimized acoustics.

DirectX 12

Battle-ready with optimized performance for DirectX 12 and designed from the ground up to give you everything you need to enjoy the latest games today and tomorrow.

AMD FreeSync Technology

AMD FreeSync technology puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate.

AMD App Acceleration

Enhance performance with AMD App Acceleration supercharging everyday tasks such as web browsing, Office applications and video rendering.


Multitask efficiently. Switch between programs smoothly and responsively, with minimized lag or freeze.

Massive 1TB HDD

The massive 1TB HDD is a good place for libraries of movies, music, photos, documents and more.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is your partner in making things happen. Get fast start-ups, a familiar yet expanded Start menu, and great new ways to get stuff done even across multiple devices. You’ll also love the innovative features that help you every step of the way, like an all-new browser built for online action, plus Cortana, the personal digital assistant who helps you across your day.