general information

The HP DC7800 Desktop PC is meticulously designed for long-term, networked deployment within medium and large organizations in commercial business, finance and public sector organizations. It provides impressive performance, maximum security, and easy serviceability and connectivity in an ultra-small form factor, giving busy workers the edge they need to stay ahead.

Enjoy a Smooth Computing Experience

Breeze through your daily tasks with speed and responsiveness. The Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 dual-core processor delivers 2.33 GHz of number-crunching power. Together with 2GB of RAM, it delivers sufficient power to accelerate everything you do.

Maximum Security

The HP DC7800 Desktop PC offers a rich set of security features to keep your critical information protected.

  • HP ProtectTools Security Software Suite, including embedded security, preinstalled standard
  • Embedded TPM1.2 compliant security module* (uses HP ProtectTools Embedded Security software)
  • Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) 1 configurations to protect data against hardware failures. HP Backup and Recovery Manager to protect data against software corruption or incompatibilities due to patching or upgrades
  • • HP BIOS for better security, manageability and software image stability

Ultra-small Form Factor with Easy Serviceability and Accessibility

The slim, ultra-small form factor takes up very little space, allowing for seamless integration into virtually any office environment. It can be placed horizontally and horizontally.

Accessibility and serviceability are easy. Tool-less serviceability features are designed for easier upgrades and repairs. A comprehensive list of connectivity options - one VGA port, one DVI port and USB ports etc., - are conveniently placed on the front and back panels, allowing for easy integration with your existing components.

Eco-conscious Design

The HP DC7800 Desktop PC is created by using industry leading design for environment standards. Upgradeable, recyclable and energy efficient.