Meet your new robotic friend – MiP! This interactive, self-balancing robot is much more than a toy with a responsive personality. It features up to seven robotic modes, and can be remotely controlled by a compatible iOS or Android cell phone for ease of use. The built-in GestureSense technology allows you to use intuitive hand motions to effortlessly control MiP. When using the MiP App, you can access an even wider range of behaviors, moods, games, and more for endless fun.

Note:  It’s  recommended for children ages eight and up.

Intelligent Bluetooth-enabled robot

Equipped with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity, this autonomous robot can interact wirelessly with most new iOS and Android mobile smartphones. Perched on self-balancing dual wheels, it allows smooth, simple mobility.

GestureSense technology

Thanks to the innovative GestureSense technology, MiP will respond to the simple swipe of a hand: just swipe in any direction, and MiP will follow. You can even program up to 50 hand swipes in a row, clap twice, and MiP will play it back!

Multiple robotic modes

This multi-functional MiP has up to seven pre-programmed modes. Each mode can be selected by spinning one of its wheels each with its own corresponding color that lights up on MiP’s chest. These modes include MiP Default (Blue), Stack (Pink), Cage (White), Tricks (Red), Roam (Yellow), Dance (Turquoise), and Tracking (Orange).

Immersive personality

Your new buddy likes to have fun, and invites you to join in. Show some praise, and MiP will be your new best friend; but ignore it, and you’re in for an angry robot!

Endless fun

Not only does MiP offer tons of gameplay fun, but there’s also an app that enables you to drive, dance, battle, balance, and so much more.