c0_Trexonic TRX-11BS

Trexonic TRX-11BS

A 3-speed vinyl turntable home stereo system that's able to play a wide range of media. In addition to 33/45/78 RPM vinyl records, it's able to play cassettes, CDs, music files on USB drives and SD cards, and contents wirelessly streamed from your Bluetooth enabled devices. Two wired shelf speakers which easily connect to the main turntable unit deliver full-range, room-filling sound.

In addition to all-around music playback capability, this device is able to digitize vinyl records into MP3 files and store them on USB/SD media. You can also convert from the CD, Cassette, AUX Input, and FM Radio.

The stunning new turntable home stereo system from Trexonic will bring a sense of musical nostalgia to your home or office. It is sure to please those looking for the comfort of warm memories, as well as the new generation seeking to connect to musical classics from the burst of analog vinyl records.

Includes One Turntable (17" x 13" x 13" and 7 lbs), and One Remote Control.