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SmartWatch 2 SW2
Made for Android

  • The world's first Android-enabled SmartWatch with one-touch NFC
  • SmartWatch, an extension to your Android smartphone.
  • Keeps you discreetly updated
  • A multi-functional digital watch, message notification device, Android app interface and music remote. All in one.
  • When a call, message or other notification comes in, SmartWatch vibrates gently to let you know. Never miss a thing.

SmartWatch 2 SW2

SmartWatch 2 SW2

The perfect Android wireless accessory
If your smartphone is Android, this is the watch for you. SmartWatch 2 expands your Android experience and introduces new and exciting ways to live and communicate. It interacts with your smartphone over Bluetooth® and what’s happening in your life is mirrored in your watch. Choose from hundreds of SmartWatch 2 apps available at Google Play and be among the first to adapt a SmartWatch lifestyle.

SmartWatch 2 SW2
SmartWatch living
With the Sony SmartWatch 2 phone remote, you can keep track of everything without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. Get notifications. Control your music. See who’s calling. When a call, message or other notification comes in, your Sony SmartWatch acts as an Android smartphone remote and gently vibrates on your wrist to let you know. SmartWatch living is discreet, fun and you never miss a thing.
SmartWatch 2 SW2
Within reach
On your wrist, you have text messages, email, calendar, call log, Facebook, Twitter, gmail and more. When a message or notification comes in, touch the app icon to read it. A multi-layer color touchscreen lets you browse and read all your notifications.
SmartWatch 2 SW2
Easy calling
When you are using a wireless Bluetooth® headset for music, you can use SmartWatch 2 as a phone remote to make or take calls. When a call comes in, you can see who’s calling in your SmartWatch display, press once to answer and enjoy hands free calling at its easiest. You can also browse recent calls in your call log and use SmartWatch to initiate a call.
SmartWatch 2 SW2

Anywhere. Any weather
SmartWatch 2 is the wireless accessory that has something for everybody. If you are a busy communicator, you will appreciate being on top of everything. If you like to get out running, you can use SmartWatch as your phone remote. If it rains, you can keep on going. SmartWatch 2 can take the rain. If it is bright and sunny, SmartWatch 2 has an impressive sunlight-readable display. Take it anywhere.
SmartWatch 2 SW2

One-touch SmartWatch
Out of the box, pair your SmartWatch 2 with your NFC phone by touching one device on the other. Instant and easy. If the two devices have been out of Bluetooth® range of each other, it is easy to reconnect. One touch is all it takes.
Android compatible
Android compatible

SmartWatch 2 works with any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.0 or later. Software updates are available as new apps and devices become available. Enjoy a watch experience that gets better and more exciting over time.

Apps available
Apps available

At Google Play, you will find hundreds of apps available for this Sony wireless accessory. Everything from productivity tools to entertainment apps. You can organize the icons on your SmartWatch 2 home screen as you want. Expand your Android life and enjoy new experiences as more SmartWatch apps become available.

Style watch
Style watch

Thr SmartWatch 2 is also a standalone advanced and stylish watch. Use it as a compass, timer or stopwatch as well as a phone remote. You can choose between several different watch faces and themes. SmartWatch also comes with a stylish wrist strap. If you want another wrist strap to suit your style, you can use any standard 24mm wrist strap.

SmartWatch 2 SW2 SmartWatch 2 SW2
If you run Android, this is your SmartWatch
  • Notifications
    - Read messages
    - Incoming call, missed call
    - Check email/Facebook
    - Calendar
    - RSS feeds
  • Watch always on. Analog/digital
  • Music remote
  • One-touch (NFC) pairing/connecting
  • Make and take calls (voice call in headset or handset)
  • Hundreds of app extensions available on Google Play
  • Smart Connect Android app to extend your SmartWatch experience
When not connected to phone (no Bluetooth connection) the following functions are available:
  • Themes
  • Timer/stopwatch
  • Night/silent mode
  • Power saver
  • Startup guide
  • Security lock-up
  • Read your already downloaded messages and notifications
on the go
On the go
Never miss a call or notification. SmartWatch vibrates when something comes in and you can read your messages. Trust it.

Moving about at home, leave your phone charging in dock. SmartWatch tells you when something comes in. No need to check. If you forget where you left your phone, use the Find Phone application. Tap Find Phone and your phone will begin to ring.

Running, walking or cycling, stay on the move. Stay within reach. Keep your phone safe from weather in bag, pocket or case. Monitor speed, distance, time with sports app e.g. Runtastic.

Work and school
In meetings or in class, you can discreetly be reminded when something comes in.
SmartWatch 2 SW2 SmartWatch 2 SW2
SmartWatch 2 SW2