Prepare delicious food with the durable, versatile Farberware 12-Inch Covered Deep Skillet. It boasts the unique dimpled surface of the SmartGlide Nonstick System with DuPont Teflon Plus, allowing for fast and even heat distribution. You can effortlessly cook food to perfection every time. The tight-fitting glass lid seals in flavors and nutrients, and lets you monitor the cooking progress of your meal. The sturdy, comfortable handle offers a confident grip. Plus, the non-stick skillet is oven safe to 350°F, and dishwasher safe for simple cleanup

Impressive Cooking Results

This skillet features the unique, durable SmartGlide Nonstick System with DuPont Teflon Plus. The dimpled surface creates air pockets that transfer heat to food quickly and evenly, reduces abrasion and browns food beautifully.

Great Versatility

With its large 12-inch size, the skillet offers huge cooking surface for large meals. You can use it to easily cook pancakes, sauté chicken, braise beef, and much more.

Snug-fitting Glass Lid

The glass lid forms a tight seal to keep heat and moisture locked in, while allowing you to oversee cooking without losing moisture or heat.