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Rosewill Air Purifier Rosewill Air Purifier

A Breath of Fresh Air

The RHAP-20001 offers practical benefits as well as an elegant and stylish design, making it an ideal fit for any room. It features a 4-stage purification system to provide clean air in large rooms up to 538 square feet. An intuitive front digital control panel allows you to customize various settings to your preference. A multi-color, subtle night light makes it easier to adjust settings even in the dark so you can avoid turning on lights and disturbing other people in the room.

Rosewill Air Purifier

Intuitive Digital Control Panel

Control various settings with a single touch

The front digital control panel allows you to customize several settings to your preference. Alter windspeeds, sleep timer and UV Mode settings quickly and conveniently.

  • Wind Speed - Auto, High, Sleep
  • Sleep Timer - 2H, 4H, 8H
  • UV Mode - Toggle On/Off
  • Power - Power Device On/Off
Rosewill Air Purifier

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Advanced 4-Stage Purification System

Rosewill Air Purifier

Pre-Filter Layer

Filters out larger materials such as hair, fur, and dust. This helps extend the HEPA filter's lifetime which means you buy less replacement filters.

Rosewill Air Purifier

Antibacterial Coating

Contains organic metal salts and antibacterial agents to prevent mold, bacteria, and dust mites from developing.

Rosewill Air Purifier

True HEPA Filter

A High Efficiency Particulate Air, also known as HEPA, can filter 99.7% of air particles as small as microns, including pollen.

Rosewill Air Purifier

Activated Carbon

Removes orders and absorbs harmful substances like gas and smoke.

Rosewill Air Purifier

Remarkably Quiet

The RHAP-20001 works efficiently while creating minimal sound disturbance so you can keep it powered on even while you sleep!

Rosewill Air Purifier

Perfect for the Home or Office

An ideal addition to any room in your home or office.

Rosewill Air Purifier

Works in Large Rooms

Cleans air effectively and efficiently in rooms up to 538 Sq. ft.

Rosewill Air Purifier

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Clean or replace filter in seconds.