The Optimus H-9010 Heater offers instant sun-like heat for your garage or shop! It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It features a Quartz heating element and a halogen light, and they are independently powered. It gives out a soft light for added ambiance. With a pull cord, it is easy to operate. A metal housing and bracket ensures a long-lasting life. With two heat settings of 600W and 1200W, you can enjoy your preferred warmth in your garage or shop. The overheat protection ensures the maximum security. 

Space-saving mounting

It is ceiling or wall mountable to save space in your garage or shop.

Quartz heating element and halogen light

The quartz heating element gives off sun-like heat, while the halogen light provides a soft light for added ambiance.

Durable and safe design

The heater is constructed with a metal housing and bracket for a long-lasting life. This unit provides overheat protection for safety.