The versatile Cam-O-Bunk 32-inch bunk bed from Disc-O-Bed is a great companion for your camping! You can sleep on it, sit on it, or turn it into two single cots, according to your needs. Its sturdy, anti-rust steel frame enables it to support weights up to 500 lbs. per single cot. A leg extension set gives you a total of 28 inches between the beds, while the 28-inch-wide sleep decks conform to your body shape for the maximum comfort. Two attachable side organizers store your personal items. In addition, this bunk bed is easy to assemble and carry.

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Versatile cot system

This Cam-O-Bunk is stackable in tight spaces to fit a broad range of tents and dome structures used in recreational camping. The bottom cot is 11 inches off the ground, and the distance between the two cots is 21 inches. You can also easily turn it into a sitting bench.

Superior comfort

Sleep comfortably camping outdoors, or even at home in the guest room, with this bunk bed. Since the cot has no middle bracing, there are no pinch points. The comfortable 28-inch-wide sleeping deck provides firm support and superior comfort for a good night’s rest. Plus, the sleeping deck can be simply wiped down with a wet cloth or removed for easy cleaning, and it dries quickly with proper ventilation.

Quality Construction

The powder-coated, anti-rust steel frame is robust, strong enough to support weights up to 500 lbs. per single cot. And, the end frame of the bottom cot features a circular design, keeping the bed from sinking into the ground and preventing damage to the tent floor.

Two side organizers for extra storage

The two side organizers are manufactured from 600 denier polyester, and can be easily attached to each sleeping deck with the Velcro straps. It helps store your personal items, including a water bottle, books, or writing materials.

Easy to assemble

Thanks to the exclusive modular disc system, you can effortlessly assemble the bunk bed without any tools or screws.

Easy to carry

This compact bunk bed is fully collapsible. Each cot includes a zippered storage cabinet for easy storage and transportation.