• WiFi 6, Wait No More

    Every user will get smooth, consistent fast connections, every time

    Faster, smarter WiFi for everyone

    The new WiFi 6 standard delivers faster, more consistent connections for every user - even in higher density environments. Any organization that needs to accommodate a large number of devices, can offer better services for everyone, every time they connect to WiFi.

    Better-connected classrooms for immersive learning

    By delivering faster connections that wont suffer from increased latency when more devices are connected, WiFi 6 delivers the speed and consistency needed to keep pupils engaged and enthusiastic, so they can make the very best use of technology and online learning resources, helping them to achieve more and teachers to be more effective.

    A smarter solution

    The WAX650S is also equipped with Zyxel Smart Antenna that continually monitors and adapts every connection to every device, ensuring the optimum performance is delivered at all times. It prevents the connection inconsistencies and delays caused by interferences.

    Robust hardware design you can trust

    Every hardware design detail is critical to performance and reliability. The WAX650S access point is built with selected high quality components to warrant the best experience and longevity.

    Manage it your way!

    As it comes with support for NebulaFlex Pro, Zyxels scalable, cloud-based management system, the WAX650S can be managed via NCC (Nebula control Center), on-premises controller or simply operate alone (controller less). You can choose the way that is best suited to your needs.