Cannon MAG 10 STX-TS

Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product # 1902310

The Cannon MAG 10 STX TS Electric Downrigger is dependable, durable and built to get the job done. It features telescopic stainless steel boom that extends from 24" to 53" for the heavy duty operation and IP 68 waterproof power cord for the reliable operation. It also features dual axis adjustable rod holder.

The MAG 10 STX-TS features the corrosion-resistant construction providing a long service to you. It has 20 lb weight capacity and it includes the line release and 250' of 150-lb test stainless steel cable for added strength. Other features inlcudes integrated ball storage hook, three-digit depth counter and easy spool access.

MAG 10 STX TS Electric Downrigger Features:

  • Electric Downrigger

    - 20-lb weight capacity

    - 3-digit depth counter

    - 24" to 53" heavy-duty telescopic boom

  • New Cannon Edge Design

    - Fewer moving parts

    - One-piece composite construction

    - Redesigned boom end

    - Protected circuit boards

    - Easy access to spool, switches, plugs & mounting nuts

  • Corrosion-resistant construction

  • Low-profile swivel base

  • IP68 waterproof connections

  • Integrated ball storage hook

  • High speed retrieve

    - Industry-leading 250-feet-per-minute retrieval rate

    - Short-Stop automatic weight retrieval prevents swinging weights

  • Positive Ion Control (PIC)

    - Emits positive ions from the cable to combat the negative ions from your boat

    - Creates a fish-attracting field of energy