Slow…Down…Message…Playback for Absolute ClarityThe ClearSounds Amplified Answering Machine with Slow Speech helps ensure that anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss never misses information. With the Slow Speech playback feature and ten levels of amplification, messages from even the speediest mumbling callers become comprehensible. This tapeless answering machine records incoming messages digitally for easy playback. Adjustable volume control allows you to setup playback for your individual hearing needs, and the console’s big-button keypad helps anyone with visual challenges avoid misdialing.Features:~ 3 speech speed levels~ 10 level adjustable amplification~ Big button easy-to-read keypad~ Remote access to messages~ Time/Day message stamp~ Memo recording (each message can be up to 3 minutes)Note: This is an analog device. May not work with a commercial phone system unless it supports analog devices.