Motorola RMN5114

The Motorola RMN5114 lightweight temple transducer headset allows users to hear both radio audio and their surrounding environment. The RMN5114 uses a discrete, lightweight and streamlined "ear loop" that rests comfortably against the head, providing the bone conduction technology.

The RMN5114 includes a noise-cancelling in-line microphone with replaceable windscreen. The push-to-talk button activates microphone when you’re ready to speak. It is compatible with all Motorola AX, CLS, DTR, RDX, and XTN series business radios.

RMN5114 Features:

  • Lightweight Temple Transducer Headset

  • Allows to Hear Both Radio Audio & Their Surrounding Environment

  • Push-to-Talk Button

  • Streamlined Ear Loop

  • Noise Cancelling In-Line Microphone