Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro w/ Single Mini Earphone

Includes Five Year Warranty

The Williams Sound PKTPRO1-E13 amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise and has a lightweight, ergonomic design for portability and ease of use. It features an internal tone and gain control that can be adjusted by your audiologist to match your hearing ability.

The PKTPRO1-E13 includes Single Mini Earphone (EAR013). Its easily adjustable volume and tone control allows you to customize your listening environment. The unit uses two AA alkaline batteries for hours of continuous enjoyment.

PKTPRO1-E13 Features:

  • Pocketalker Pro w/ Single Mini Earphone

  • Helps You Hear Conversations, Television Shows & More w/ Minimal Background Noise

  • TV Cord Lets You Mount the Microphone Near Your TV

  • Internal Tone & Gain Control

  • Includes Single Mini Earphone

  • Standard 3.5mm Headphone Jack

  • External Volume On/Off Control

  • Includes Plug-Mount Microphone that Sits Neatly on Top of the Unit

  • Includes Handy Belt Clip for Easy Wear

  • Uses Two AA Alkaline Batteries to Provide Hours of Enjoyment

PKTPRO1-E13 Includes:

  • Pocketalker Pro Amplifier

  • 1 Single Mini-Earphone

  • 1 System carry case

  • 2 AA Alkaline Batteries

  • 1 Belt Clip Case

  • 1 Plug Mount Microphone

  • 1 TV Listening Extension Cord

  • Instruction Manual