Whistler PRO 3600 + GPS Module

Includes Two Year Warranty

The Whistler PRO3600 + RLC360 remote laser radar detector is a full featured radar detector which has 2 signal strength options , provides POP™ Mode Detection, and offers a 360° maxx coverage. The Red Tri-Directional Display shows alerts received digital signal strength and engaged modes in text format. The display can be mounted horizontally, upside down or vertically.

The Laser Atlanta™ Stealth Mode technology, discreet tri-colored LED and security alert Mode provides user customizable choice of color when alerting. The PRO3600 features 3 city and highway modes which allows you to adjust your tolerance false alerts. It also features Ka Max Mode, Radar Signature ID (RSID), Laser Signature ID (LSID), 4 Filter Modes and a Discreet Console. This radar detector includes RLC360 GPS laser module.

Pro3600 + RLC360 Features:

  • Remote Laser/Radar Detector

  • Red Tri-Directional Display

  • 3 City Modes / Highway Mode

    - Highway Mode: Provides Full Audio & Visual Warning Of Laser/Radar Systems

    - City Mode: Reduce Annoyance Of Automatic Door Openers & Burglar Alarm Alerts

  • 2 Signal Strength Options

  • 4 Filter Modes

    - Minimize Occurrences of False Alarms

  • 360° Max Coverage

  • 3 AUX Ports

  • 4 Display Brightness Modes

  • Discreet Tri-Colored LED & Security Alert Mode

  • High Gain Lens

  • Laser Atlanta® Stealth Mode

  • Laser Signature ID (LSID)

  • Real Voice® Module

  • Outdoor Temperature/Battery Voltage Meter

  • POP™ Mode Detection

    - Capable Of Responding To Brief Transmission

  • Quiet / Auto Quiet Modes

  • Radar Signature ID (RSID)

  • Remote Installation

  • Safety Warning System

    - Aware You Of Possible Situations

  • Selectable Bands

  • Selectable Display

    – Vertical, Upside Down & Normal

  • Total Band Protection™

    - Ka Max mode

  • Setting Saver

  • Stay Alert™

  • Vehicle Battery Saver

  • Includes RLC360 GPS Laser Module